Dare Greatly Printables

Dare Greatly Printables


Leading a Bible study is a big job. Whether you’re meeting in your church or opening your home, there is a lot required of you as a leader. These printables have been created with the intent of making your job as a teacher that much easier.


The Leader Guide

The Leader Guide  is a step-by-step manual with discussion questions and study tips included. If this is your first time leading a Bible study group, this Leader Guide will be your constant companion in the next ten weeks. If you’re an experienced youth leader and you have a specific vision for your group, feel free to use this guide as a suggestion as you lead your girls through all ten chapters of  Dare Greatly: A High School Girl’s Bible Study on Thriving in Your Teens.

Word Document: Dare Greatly Leader Guide

PDF: Dare Greatly Leader Guide


Memory Verse Cards

In high school, your girls might be up for a challenge. Scripture memorization is always the best way for them to really own the verses they’ve been studying. Each chapter has a key verse, but with these memory verse cards, you can print them and cut them out to give to your girls every week. They also make wonderful bookmarks!

Word Document: Dare Greatly Weekly Memory Verse

PDF: Dare Greatly Weekly Memory Verse


Word of the Week

Every chapter also centers on a specific Greek or Hebrew word that makes the study that much richer. Fear not! You do not need to have any knowledge of these languages to use this study tool. These cards allow your girls to benefit from the truth of the original language in bite-size pieces. Simply print out the cards for an in-depth dig into the Scriptures you study.

Word Document: Dare Greatly Word of the Week

PDF: Dare Greatly Word of the Week


Quote of the Week

Okay, this one is purely for fun. Girls love a good quote. Just look at how much time they spend on Pinterest. Each chapter of Dare Greatly was inspired in part by one of my favorite quotes. Every week, there is a quote that themes the chapter. They are cute, decorative cards that give the girls something special to take home, and tape to their mirror or pin to their corkboard or take atrsy photos of.

Word Document: Dare Greatly Quote of the Week

PDF: Dare Greatly Quote of the Week

Or download as a JPEG:

Week 1 UnknownWeek 2 CS LewisWeek 3 Winston ChurchillWeek 4 Audrey HeburnWeek 5 Athlete's PrayerWeek 6 Theodoore RooseveltWeek 7 CS LewisWeek 8 Mark Twain

Week 9 ChurchillWeek 10 e.h.


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