From the Flames

From the Flames: A Novel

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He says he’s come looking for her. Her parents suspect him. Her uncle despises him.
When Peter Lockton was found dying in the snow, fifteen-year-old Elizabeth Atlee never suspected that this stranger was a former apprentice of the well-known heretic John Wycliffe. Confused by her parents’ secretive glances and frightened by her uncle’s undisguised hatred, Elizabeth is torn when Peter offers to teach her to write. The superstition of her fourteenth century world has crushed every hope of Elizabeth’s creative mind. As she struggles to free herself from the guilt of her brother’s death she is lead to wonder if the God that Peter serves knows she is innocent. She accepts the lessons only to find out that Peter is being hunted down as a heretic for translating the Scriptures.
As his enemies approach Peter escapes to protect Elizabeth, but it’s too late. As her home burns to the ground Elizabeth is forced to question everything she knows to be true.
In a world of forbidden lies can she discover God’s truth?


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