What Now?

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From bestselling devotional author, Hannah Duggan, comes a 10-week Bible study for the young adult asking the question, “What now?”

As young adults, we question every decision. We live in the fear that our futures will crash and burn. We’re terrified of messing up and missing out. Our lives are characterized by hard questions, and we’re disillusioned with cliché answers.

But what if I told you that you’re right where God wants you? What if I told you that He’s not afraid of your hard questions? What if I told you that God’s will is right front of you?

What Now? is equipped with practical tools, spiritual breakthroughs, and somewhat unusual tips on how to find direction—not just for our futures—but in every area of our lives. If we dared to live the life God offers us, we could:

  • Abandon our insecurities
  • Break free of the lies that deny us our destiny
  • Forge relationships that last
  • Take on the future fearlessly

The greatest revivals in history started with a few young adults who took God at His Word. There is no end to what He can do when we’re brave enough to ask Him, “What Now?”

What Young Adults Are Saying About What Now?


“Hannah’s work is theologically rich and imaginatively illustrative making it one of the easiest challenging books I have read in a long time. People of the Millennial generation will find their souls being spoken to by someone who is undoubtedly a prophet for our time.”

-Wavey, Age 27

“Hannah uses a very personal, funny, and a compassionately honest approach about who we think our God really is. Hannah also provides very practical guides throughout the book about how we can unlock what God is speaking to each one of our hearts and gives us a unique opportunity to draw closer to our great God that we serve!”

-Colm, Age 20

“I appreciate how this book tackled the reality of how a lot of young adults feel – lost, like they are fighting a losing battle.”

-Tracy, Age 26

“This book challenges you and your understanding of God and gives some neat, practical guides to life—especially that of a young adult.”

– Mark, Age 20

“What Now? offers a new insight into Biblical stories in a humorous but inspirational way. It has practical, spiritual and unusual challenges that got me thinking and examining different aspects of my life. It was a pleasure to read, it made me laugh, it made me cry, and has certainly given me something to think about.”

– Heidi, Age 20


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