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10 responses to “Contact”

  1. Hi Hannah,

    We currently have a senior high girls group studying your book, “Dare Greatly.” They have truly been inspired by your book and would love for you to chat with them or come and speak to our church and community. Please let me know how we can get on your schedule.


    Charlotte Powell


    1. Hello Charlotte,

      I’m so glad that your girls are enjoying the study. I would love to chat with your girls’ group! If you email me at we can set up a time to to chat or set up a speaking engagement.


  2. Hello Hannah,
    Which of these two books do you recommend to begin a Bible Study for a small group of middle school girls, (6th – 8th grade) Just Us Girls or Just Us Girls II? Thank you for your help.
    Sara Singley


    1. Hi Sara, the “Just Us Girls” books are a series, both written for middle school girls. Either one would be perfect for that age group. You can start with either one. They are not dependent on each other, but if you’re just starting out, it might be best to start with Volume I. If you and your girls like it, you can always move on to Volume II when you’re finished. Hope you and your girls have a great study!


  3. Hi Hannah,
    I was looking at your website and it was incredible to look and see a young author who made a difference. I am just days away from publishing my first book “COLLISION: a crash course on impacting the world of sports with bold faith” and it is so inspiring to see that you were able to impact lives. You are an inspiration to us all. Check out my facebook page @CollisionSportsDevotional if you wanted to give me any advice!


    1. Hi Jessica! That’s so cool. Congratulations on you debut book!


  4. Hi Hannah. I am starting a small study with 5 girls tomorrow using your, Just Us Girls study. I’m Super Excited! God has put it on my heart for a while now to start one with my daughter and other homeschooled girls alike. In the leaders guide you mention buying journals and bible study supplies bulk on your website but I can’t seem to find it. Would you please show me where? Also, we would love to do a Skype chat with you maybe half way into the book as you mentioned as a option as well. Thank you! Dez Hernandez


    1. Hi Dezorah! That is so exciting! Hope that your study is going well. The journals and pens are not yet available on this site but are on their way. These are my favorite journals to buy in bulk! These pens are cute and functional for your girls. And I’m just going to leave these here. 😉 I would love to have a Skype chat with your group! Just let me know which days work best for your group!


  5. Hi! I have downloaded and printed the Leadership Guide for Just Us Girls and noticed that under Use Your Resources is says you will need “Just Us Girls II”. Is there a leadership guide for the 1st volume available? Thanks for all your help, we are excited to get started!

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    1. Hi Lauri! Yes! The Leader Guide for Just Us Girls: Volume I can be found under “Just Us Girls Printables” here:


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