Dare Greatly Audiobook

Dare Greatly: A High School Girl’s Bible Study on Thriving in Your Teens
is now available as an audio devotional on
Amazon and Audible!

School. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Sound familiar?

Dare Greatly is the audiobook for the busy girl who needs some time with Jesus. Each chapter is complete with audio-devotions, perfect for your commute to school or work.

Hannah Duggan’s ten-week, teen Bible study combines fun stories, powerful Biblical truths, and practical application to create a book that dares teen girls to take on the next level of their Christian walk.

With years of experience in both voice acting and Bible teaching, narrator Jae Huff brings audio listeners a Bible study that keeps readers laughing and challenges them to Dare Greatly.

You can download this audiobook for FREE with your 30-Day Audible trial.

Download the Audiobook


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