Just Us Girls II Printables

in both Kindle and paperback
on Amazon.com!

Wondering what to do next with your girls’ Bible study? Just Us Girls II is packed with fun activities, ice breakers, and discussion questions!

Being a Bible study leader can be tough. The goal of the Just Us Girls Bible studies is to create a Scripture-based experience that will be fun for the girls and simple for the leaders.

You can download the FREE Just Us Girls II Leader Guide here for a weekly step-by-step handbook on how to effectively lead your pre-teen girls through Just Us Girls II.

If you’re a first-time Bible study leader or you’re just short on ideas, check out my FREE PDF book, How to Lead a Teen Bible Study (And Not Die): Five Tips Every Youth Leader Should Know.

Want to challenge your middle school girls to the next level? Download these Just Us Girls II Memory Verses, that go hand-in-hand with the Just Us Girls II  weekly study guides!


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