Just Us Girls II

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From bestselling devotional author, Hannah Duggan, comes a brand new Bible study for middle school girl! Just Us Girls II tackles tricky issues like self-confidence, bullying, controlling your emotions, and what to do about the boys.

You know you’re a middle school girl when…

  1. “That Awkward Moment” is every moment.
  2. Half the things you say sound 123% better in your head.
  3. You start wondering why your classmate looks like a model and you still feel like a pre-teen potato.

Middle school hasn’t gotten any easier. The pressure to fit in skyrockets, and our self-confidence takes a dive. We’re just trying to be God’s girl in middle school, but what does that mean in our day-to-day lives? What’s God’s girl to do when the drama kicks in, when you’re bullied, or when that boy doesn’t like you back? We need to find our confidence. We need some time for Just Us Girls.

In this twelve-week Bible study, you will discover

  • Your most powerful secret weapon
  • The key to forging friendships that last
  • What the bullies don’t want you to know
  • The confidence to let your God-given sparkle shine through

Designed as an on-going companion to Just Us Girls Volume I or as a stand-alone devotional, Just Us Girls II includes sixty daily devotions to help you fearlessly follow Jesus.

PRE-ORDER Just Us Girls II


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