Dare Greatly

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From the author of Just Us Girls: A Bible Study on Being Gods Girl in Middle School comes a new 10-week Bible study for Teenage Girls. Want more than an average life? Guess what? You were created to Dare Greatly.


School. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Sound familiar? In high school, our lives fall into the same nerve-wracking pattern, but what if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if stress and fear didn’t dictate our decisions?  What if we dared to do great things for God, not someday, but right now?

Because we were never meant to be “okay” girls living “okay” lives.

You are God’s warrior. His secret weapon. His game-changer.

This Bible study is more than a survival book for high school. Dare Greatly is a guide to discovering our God-given potential in our crazy, stressed out, homework-driven life. Because in Him, we have the ability to:

  • Live Our Lives Exceptionally
  • Conquer Our Fears Courageously
  • Run This Race of Faith Dauntlessly
  • And Dare Great Things for the Kingdom of God

You don’t have to wait until you graduate high school to change the world. It starts right now. So grab your Bible, grab your pens, and jump in. I dare you, beloved. I dare you to Dare Greatly.


What Teen Girls are Saying About Dare Greatly:

“This Bible study covers everything from boys to stress to sharing your faith, and it’s really inspired me to grow closer to God, to achieve His standards instead of anyone else’s. In short, this is a teen girl’s guide to attaining her God-given potential.” Elizabeth, Age 17

“I adored a lot of things about Dare Greatly. My favorite part was that every chapter was connected to a real-life story or situation, which kept the chapters incredibly relatable. LOVED every moment of it!” Peyton, Age 14

“I really enjoyed Dare Greatly, and I thought it had a lot of great knowledge and things that I could easily apply to my own life.” Claire, Age 16

“I loved the whole book! It was so helpful and enjoyable. Always looking forward to Hannah’s new books and Bible studies. Can’ wait for more!” Evangeline, Age 14



8 responses to “Dare Greatly”

    1. So excited! The pre-order should be up in the next few hours.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Angela Scorsone Avatar
    Angela Scorsone

    I saw a leader guide for one book the other day, but is there a leader guide for Dare Greatly?


    1. Hi Angela! Yes. All of my nonfiction titles have a leader guide for free download on my website. You can find the Dare Greatly Leader Guide here: https://authorhannahduggan.wordpress.com/dare-greatly-printables/


      1. Angela Scorsone Avatar
        Angela Scorsone

        Thanks so much – ordered 10 to start and our group starts tomorrow morning! We are all very excited!


      2. Wooo!! Congratulations! I’ll be praying for your group. Let me know if you’d like to do a fifteen minute video chat! I love connecting with the groups who do my studies.


  2. I am wondering about how much weekly homework there is for the girls . We are transitioning from more of a devotional each week into doing a Bible study . However I don’t want the girls overwhelmed. Thanks !


    1. Hi Aly! That’s a great question. The homework is a quick age-accessible daily devo. There are only five a week, and if they don’t get them done it won’t affect their progress in future chapters! Enjoy!


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