What Now Audiobook

What Now? A Young Adult’s Practical, Spiritual,
and Somewhat Unusual Guide to Finding God’s Will
is now available as an audiobook on
Amazon and Audible!

Whether you’re a stressed out teen, a college student changing your major…again, or a young adult trying to figure out your life, What Now? is the perfect devotion for you. As young adults, we want to seek God’s will for our lives, but we are strapped for time. Now, you can do this Bible study at your own pace as an audio-devotional.

What Now? is equipped with practical tools, spiritual breakthroughs, and somewhat unusual tips on how to find direction—not just for your future—but in every area of your life.

Narrated by Actress Jae Huff, this audiobook is packed with humor and reality, meeting  young adults right where they are and challenging them to ask God, “What Now?”

You can download this audiobook for FREE with your 30-Day Audible Trial.

Download the Audiobook



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