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Hi, I’m Hannah.

I’m an Author and Speaker.

Which is a very fancy, grown-up way of saying, I write things and say stuff. I’ve been creating worlds with words as long as I can remember, and it’s led me to some pretty incredible people and places.

I’ve released six books, fiction and nonfiction, including the bestselling middle school devotional, Just Us Girls. I’ve had the opportunity to meet with Bible study groups from all over the world, as well as teach conferences, summer camps, and retreats.


Some are born great…others are born angsty and longing for justice.

At five-years-old, I asked my mom for printer pages. On the living room carpet with my crayons, I wrote a book. It was six pages long, and it was about my fish, Blueberry.

In those early days of my career, I split my time evenly between my fictional pursuits and making sure that every toy in my toy box had a thorough theological foundation. (It was the 90s, and evangelistic urgency may as well have been stirred into my yogurt, but that’s another tangent for another day.)

Young Author
I would credit the woman who captured this perfect image of human rage, but I do not remember her name, as I was 8 days old when she made me angry.

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What started as a Bible study for my small group, became a youth ministry bestseller.

And what was the “wild concept” behind my first big hit? Middle school is hard, you’re not crazy, and Jesus cares.

I said it in my books first, then to Bible study groups on living room floors, then to cabins full of campers, then to teens crowded into youth conferences.


I will always be a storyteller, and the gospel is my favorite story to tell.

Youth today face unique challenges, which is why my ministry is interactive, adventurous, hands-on learning for real students and real issues.

To know the gospel is to be entrusted with the greatest story ever told. I’m going to tell it every way I know how, in my stories, in my Bible studies, and every time someone hands me a microphone.

Tag along if you like! It’ll be fun (and there will be snacks).

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