She is Not Shaken

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On my desk I keep a framed black and white photograph of a bride on the steps of a church. Tulle bunched in her left hand as she ascends the steps, she looks into the camera as though a friend had just called her name on the happiest day of her life.

Beside her picture I keep a color photo of a young airman in his uniform. In these two familiar faces, I can point out my brother’s blue eyes, my own sharp eyebrows, and the tenacious Irish spirit that has led our family for generations.

When I look at those faces, I remember who I am and where I came from. For this reason, I always keep my grandmother’s wedding photo and my grandfather’s Air Force photo nearby. When I am uncertain, when I begin to lose myself, I study those faces. I remind myself that I am the child of the airman with the blue eyes and the bride on the sunny steps.

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In uncertain days such as these, we all need a reminder of who we are and where we came from.

I woke at 5 AM on Sunday, March 15th, like a child on Christmas morning. Any other day, I would have rolled over and fallen back asleep, but who could sleep on such a day? All of my church services were canceled, my corner of the country awaited the apocalypse from their toilet paper towers, and the President had called for Americans to look to God and pray. (What kind of a day have we lived to see?)

In moments such as these, when the constructs we created don’t hold up and panic fills the pasta aisle, people need a grounding, calm assurance. With the temporary suspension of church services, the Body of Christ could easily suffer an identity crisis. However, this weekend, I have witnessed something else entirely.

I have seen churches pop up in living rooms all over the country.

I have seen strangers calling out to one another, “Stay safe! Stay healthy!”

I have seen college students, removed from their housing, proclaiming God’s provision.

I have seen believers choosing worship, choosing faith, and choosing to speak life over one another.

I have seen tenacity in the smiles of my ministry team as they said, “Let’s do this.”

I have seen the Bride, and She is lovely.

COVID-19 Corona Virus

As this strangest of weekends draws to a close and this first week of our altered existence begins, the Bride of Christ is not questioning who She is. On the contrary, She is in her sweet spot. She smiles at us from the black and white photographs of church history, reminding us who she once was. In her comforting maternal way, she tells us the stories that stretch from the book of Acts to the current persecution of the saints in the Middle East. She reminds us that the freedom to gather is a privilege, not a prerequisite.

The gospel is not chained. The Bride is not insecure. And–as my students loudly remind me on a weekly basis–the Church is not a building.

Be assured, dear believers. Your God is at work among you.


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5 responses to “She is Not Shaken”

  1. Thanks Hannah! That was a beautiful take on the times we are in! The Lord is truly faithful! Love to you from Joanne

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    1. Hi Joanne, thanks so much! He is indeed faithful.


  2. I just wanted to say thanks for your Just Us Girls studies! I decided to start a Zoom bible study with the first book back in March when the world went crazy and after a short break we started book 2 which we will continue in person now that school has started in our area. The girls have loved these studies and I have loved getting to know them over the past few months. So thank you for providing us with a starting point for a continuing ministry to middle school girls 🙂 Blessings!

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    1. Christi! This is so wonderful to hear. I am so thankful for the leaders like you who are ministering to middle school girls during this time. Praying for your group!


  3. Hi I’m new to your site! I’ve been hearing the call of God to start a middle school Bible class in our small little town of fossil Oregon. God lead me to your book Just us Girls II! I really enjoyed the read She Is Not Shaken! As I am part of the Bride of Christ, I was not shaken! I had a totally different experience here in a small Eastern Oregon community then the bigger towns and cities! My husband and I watched on TV the different reactions to this pandemic! God showed mercy to this small community! We felt free to go and do traveling to the coast or inward to Montana and Idaho! But along the way we saw the fear and devastation that came in not trusting who God is and who we are in Christ! As in every heartache, disease, disaster and horrible events, God works it to His Glorify! He holds Life and Love in all things through Jesus Christ! It’s now April look at all the miracles brought forth! Now another challenge with the economy and war! God is always there! We need to teach our children who God really is, how to revere Him and He can do the Impossible! And Stand firmly on the Cornerstone! He gives us our Salvation and our Faith! The children need to know how to serve God and His Will. I’m hoping this Bible class will grow in Christ. The Church has a community Bible class called Wednesday School for ages 3-12 years old! So we need to carry on the Work of Christ to middle and high class. Please hold these Bible classes in Prayer! Thank you! Theresa Byars

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